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W.I.P. - Customization, Alien GUI, Evolution system
AdministratorDate: Friday, 28.02.2014, 13:33 | Message # 1
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This month has been done a lot of work to create evolution and customization systems for the game characters. Here is video from customization system testing:

Using this complex interface player can improve the basic parameters of his character with each new level, repair, buy and install weapons and items.

Alien faction now has their own interface design and Alien base interior:

Alien combat GUI:

For each caused damage to the enemy character gains experience and a certain amount of money as a reward. By achieve a certain amount of experience points the character gains a new level.
Character evolution scheme:

Each character has 5 basic parameters, one of which can be improved with each increase of the level of character: Attack skills - affect the combat capabilities of the character, such as accuracy, range, damage.
Max Health - character hit points + armor points.
Recovery - recovery speed of character's hit points.
Health is constantly slowly recovering.
Max Energy - almost every character action consumes energy. When the energy level is too low the character can no longer effectively attack and move quickly.
Recharge - recovery speed of character's energy points. Energy is constantly slowly recovering.

Using money earned in battle the player can buy new weapons and new items for his character. Each weapon or item has a price, and requirements for the level of the character.
Game items are divided into three types:
- Items that have a permanent effect on one of the 5 basic parameters of the character.
- Disposable items, such as repair kits, stimulants, chargers. After the first application this object becomes unavailable for further use.
- Items with special effects

Also, each character has a unique super powers that cannot be replaced and a large selection of various weapons. Weapons of human faction will mainly provide a more traditional action associated with physical damage, but the weapons of aliens will also provide a variety of effects associated with the absorption and weakening of the basic parameters of the enemies.
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ZakDate: Friday, 28.02.2014, 18:54 | Message # 2
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Great work!  up
hralDate: Friday, 07.03.2014, 16:29 | Message # 3
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as always, great work Cyril !
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