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Forum » WARSHIFT FORUM » GENERAL DISCUSSION » W.I.P. - GUI for Missions and Skirmish, Air Force, Survival
W.I.P. - GUI for Missions and Skirmish, Air Force, Survival
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This video shows latest updates in the project: GUI for Campaign and Skirmish matches, Air Force, Survival gameplay preview and little more.

Campaign GUI
 For the first release, all the missions will be unlocked at once. This will avoid unexpected stops in the campaign, since game is not finally balanced yet. Also I will add button "God Mode" just in case. This mode will not give immortality to the player, but will increase his level to a maximum, add money and unlock all weapons and upgrades for fast testing it. As you can see in the video, menu for single player campaign is made in the style of a global map with planet that divided into sectors. For this stage it's just a graphical style for menu to select a mission. But in the future I hope get funding to implement here some elements of turn-based gameplay. Cause I'm a big fan of turn-based strategy games like Total War, Wargame Red Dragon, etc. In addition to adding a global strategy this will make the campaign not linear but more procedural and unpredictable. So, that is one of my ideas of further evolution of the project.

Skirmish GUI
 Now in the game available 4 maps and several gameplay modes. Added an important parameter - "Starting state", which determines position on start of the match (on the ground or in the air) and size of a preinstalled base (from single Carrier to large defensive Bastion). It is also possible to select the weather/time presets and some other parameters.

Survival Mode
  During the development of one of the missions I'm suddenly came up with idea, why not add a survival gameplay as optional mode for skirmish at each level right now. So that you will be able to test it too. In this mode, player must defend his base during assault from the enemy AI for a certain time. In this case, player cannot go beyond a certain territory. After start, player has some time, to upgrade his hero character and build the first line of defense. Then begins the waves of enemy attacks from several directions. With each new wave the number of enemies increases.

Air Force
 Now both factions has their own air forces in strategy mode. Humans faction gets 2 types of airplanes: assault fighter that is functionally similar to A-10 Thunderbolt and tactical bomber. Aliens fraction gets their universal heavy fighter – "Triton".

In addition, all heroes now gets spotlights for night mode.
Forum » WARSHIFT FORUM » GENERAL DISCUSSION » W.I.P. - GUI for Missions and Skirmish, Air Force, Survival
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