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Some ideas for new buildings
AdministratorDate: Sunday, 27.09.2015, 00:30 | Message # 1
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For Human faction:
1. Scientific center - this building will enhance the performance of production, possible reduce the resources consumption and open access to certain types of weapons.
2. Service Station - here players will be able to make a quick repair and recharge his Combat Avatar if there is no enemy near.
3. Radar - unhide all the enemy units on the map. And maybe enhance range of weapons, orbital strikes. It consists of two parts: ground bunker and a blimp equipped with a powerful radar.

For Alien faction:
1. Portal - allows you to quickly teleport troops to the destination point. It consists of two parts: the gate of the entrance and exit gates. If at least one gate will be destroyed - Portal will be disabled.
hralDate: Wednesday, 30.09.2015, 11:07 | Message # 2
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a thought, since the aliens are animated by energy entities, could the energy entities not also interact directly and maybe form a building with the energy nodes, possibly an upgrade
ArclyteDate: Thursday, 22.10.2015, 09:26 | Message # 3
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You could, for both factions, add in upgrade structures? Separate structures that boost either Offensive (damage, attack speed), Defensive (armor, health) and Utility (such as shields, extra weapons)

You could even have them limited or such so nobody goes overboard with them
BattlewrathDate: Sunday, 24.04.2016, 08:11 | Message # 4
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Information relays - they have the radar dishes working to create more informed data - giving a accuracy increase to mortar and cyborg firing.

This would be calculated with how many radar dishes over-lap their detection zones in the presence of the information relay.

The main use of this is for defensive networks, giving you the advantage for having built up defence points.

Remote ammunition depots - these would be used to resupply artillery units -

To this building a change would occur to artillery, using the Dreadnought system of counting ammo.
(This change would prevent artillery camping and allow players to target their ammo supply to remove the            threat of artillery)

Power banks / batteries -These are batteries that keep builds powered when a connected power source is destroyed, giving you time to re-build the downed connector to power them up.

(Works in a radius such the power source - detects the power source and only activates when none is found, creating a limited power source.)

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