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W.I.P. - Dev video diary #1. Patch notes: V 1.35 - V 1.31
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GAMEPAD CONTROLS (Based on controller Xbox 360 Wired)

This is really my first experience with gamepad (as developer and even as gamer), so I'll need advices during development smile

Note, that currently only Action mode supports controller. Supports for other modes is still in development.


Scanning Platform is an airborne radar picket system designed to detect enemy troops at long ranges.
This structure provides several advantages:
- Unhides all the enemy troops around the map.
- Increases by 30% the distance for Orbital Strikes.
- Increases range of some weapons.
- Perhaps in the future this building will be endowed with additional functions.
Each team can have only one Scanning Platform for use.

New building: WATCHTOWER

(Alien analogue of Scanning Platform)


V 1.35 (28 Sep 2015)
- New buildings: Scanning platform, Watchtower
- Smooth zoom for strategy camera
- Now difficulty level affect on maximum health and maximum energy level
- Improved gamepad controls
- Balance changes and bug fixes

V 1.33 (6 Sep 2015)
- Controller support for all Combat Avatars in the Action mode. Now you can check it even without beta access. Note, that other modes not supports controller yet.
- Improved AI for enemy Combat Avatars:
Now enemy Combat Avatars will retreat every time when <30% of their health left. Some kinds of Avatars can attack in movement during retreating. Corsair and Archangel will fly away.
Then, if hit points still <50% and there is no enemy near - Avatar will go to the ARK for instant repair. If enemy is near - Avatar will attack it as soon as at least 30% of hit points will be restored.
Also, they sometimes retreat for a short time if all they weapons reloading or if energy low.
- Starting states:
No more pre-built buildings in the single player missions ‘Deep diving’ and ‘Fire in jungle’. Instead, you get a small army at the start.
‘Grounded ARK’ is now default starting state for skirmish matches and ‘Quick play’ mode.
(I hope that these changes will stimulate new players to use RTS mode more.)
- Bug fixes and balance changes.

V 1.32 (27 Aug 2015)
-Added repair function for buildings. Instant repair costs money and resources. Note, that it is unavailable if the enemy is near.
-Fixed bug with slow motion of Space Interceptors in RTS mode.
-Added more in-game tips and marks.
-Fixed bug with double playing video briefings in the single player campaign.
-Some other bug fixes and balance changes.

V 1.31 (17 Aug 2015)
- Bug with construction process is fixed now.
- Controls in the action mode. Speed of rotation/aiming is now increased for:
Gladiator: TPS +50%, FPS/Zoom + 50%
Corsair: grounded TPS +100%, grounded FPS/Zoom +200%, Air + 30%
Archangel: grounded TPS +100%, grounded FPS/Zoom +200%
Raider: rotational speed of the turret +100%
Arkar: TPS +50%, FPS/Zoom + 100%
Volcano: TPS +20%, FPS/Zoom + 20%
You can also reduce the speed of rotation using the mouse speed section in the settings menu, if you want.
- Now there is a ‘Respawn’ button, so you do not have to be distracted from the strategic gameplay. You can respawn manually when you will be ready.
- Strategy camera keeps its angle after Action/RTS switching and after focusing on the selected units.
- Added set of screen resolutions with ratio 16*10.
- Space gameplay: Now Dropships gives resources when they break through enemy's orbital defenses.
- Manually changing of destination point for automated factories.
- Balance changes and bug fixes

Thanks for playing and have fun!
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