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W.I.P. - Redesign of game maps
AdministratorDate: Wednesday, 15.06.2016, 02:33 | Message # 1
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Afteradding new units, buildings and RTS gameplay changes, I noticed the lack of
free space on the maps. Also, I received many feedback regarding this.
So Ijust reworked old maps Volcanic Island, Admirals Canyon and Frontier to add
more free space for base building and units deploying.

Here is some examples of before/after comparison:

Attachments: 6951486.jpg (150.5 Kb) · 9957795.jpg (181.6 Kb) · 9227779.jpg (172.7 Kb) · 7658188.jpg (210.0 Kb)
hralDate: Friday, 24.06.2016, 16:04 | Message # 2
Group: Funders
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it looks pretty sweet !

The human towers have something in their description saying they link together when closeby, is that just text, or is there game mechanic in this ?
IMHO humans fighting against melee aliens, it would make good sense to have walls between towers, and an option to spend credit to turn a wall into a gate.

also I wrote something about humans using formations when fighting melee aliens, that will maybe now be possible with the added space.
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