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Ideas for new humans faction Heroes
Choose what type of humans Heroes you'd like to see in a game soon?
1. Dreadnought [ 10 ] [27.78%]
2. Cyborg (tesla weapons) [ 13 ] [36.11%]
3. Giant Mech [ 10 ] [27.78%]
4. Armored Tyranosaurus [ 3 ] [8.33%]
5. Other [ 0 ] [0.00%]
Answers total: 36
AdministratorDate: Friday, 30.08.2013, 20:44 | Message # 1
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Choose what type of humans heroes you'd like to see in a game at future. Also you can also upload here references of units that you like.
If you choose the other variant, feel fee to describe it in detail!:)

NOTE: Funders only can take part in this voting! But all, members can post their opinions in this thread.
ZeroDate: Wednesday, 09.10.2013, 13:41 | Message # 2
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I would REALLY like to see a Mecha armor type unit that would transform into something else! I think that concept hasn't been explored a lot in games (besides transformers but they're not mecha and mecha are no transformers ^^) I would drop the "Goliath" and "Heavy tank" designations, being an (ex) Starcraft Player (awesome game btw, i've seen some nods to it in your work) I'm really used to those terms and I think you guys should go in another direction.

The Mecha or just "Mecha" (à la Pacific Rim) would be some sort of huge battlesuit that would later transform in one or several (?) other different mechanized units, like a tank or bike or hovercraft...

I think that would be interesting to explore in terms of concept. Storywise, if we're talking about a race deprived of resources or really struggling for them, it would make sense to save as much as possible, to adapt and re-use a lot, multifunctioning!

zhuangtom88Date: Friday, 25.10.2013, 07:52 | Message # 3
Group: Great Funders
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I would like to see a heavy tank with two modes: assault mode and artillery mode.
hralDate: Monday, 03.02.2014, 18:57 | Message # 4
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Giant mech FTW ! Division Delta from Earth
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