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This video shows new orbital level for skirmish matches and single player mission.

There are not yet fully implemented the space gameplay, because we do not have a large fleet for both factions. But this level is useful for preview and to add some diversity to the single player missions. I hope that in the future I will achieve funding to develop space structures and large powerful space battleships, which will fight not only on planets orbit but also flying low over the islands and deserts to support ground units. I also plan to create orbital levels for each planet which will be funded in future, because, according to the game storyline, assault of the planet must begin with the conquest of its orbit.



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Warshift Defensive Tower

 The defensive tower is designed to protect buildings from the enemy attacks using four 150-mm artillery guns mounted on the armored rotary tower. This building is to be built in the area where the rays of the Energy Source are active, and to be connected to one of its node. The towers which are located next to one other are connected by underground passages and turn into a united defensive system – the Bastion.


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