WARSHIFT Game Trailer (final remastered version)

Trading Cards

Transitioning to a full release
 I want to thank the game's community for all the feedback, suggestions and support they have given me during the Early Access period. Everyone who helped me make it as awesome as possible, I thank you very much!
I worked hard on this game over 5 years, together we passed a 1 year way of the Early Access, a lot of changes was done, and now I feel this is now possible.
I'm just uploaded a ve ... Read more »

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New gameplay video

Other updates:
- Allied combat avatars
- New stat points system
- Increased range of almost all weapons
- Increased range of units, improved AI logic
- Visual damage effects for combat avatars
- Switching Action->Strategy mode via mouse scroll wheel
- GUI changes
- Balance changes

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By the user's requests, I finally made a flying alien combat avatar - 'Typhoon'.

Other patch notes:
- New graphics quality level – ‘Extreme’. This mode is suitable only for high-end computers. It provides the maximum of available graphics quality for this game and highest LOD distance.
- Balance changes.

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New Infantry unit: Cyber Grenadier

The Cyber-Grenadier is armed with a rail grenade launcher. It is a powerful weapon with long range armor-piercing charges, but with low shooting rate. This unit is designed to destroy light-armored vehicles and buildings. It cannot attack enemy aircraft.

Other updates:

- Multiplayer got new master server, some GUI improvements and bug fixes.
- Improved AI logic of battleships.
- Fixed bug with aircraft movement.
- Fixed bug with Avatar targeting in the strategy mode.

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Alien Battleship

Alien heavy battleship “Acheron” was designed for bombing the planet’s surface and assault operations. Weapons:
- x12 Ballistic plasma-bombs.
- x3 Pulsar cannons
- x2 Anti-air rocket launcher
- x1 Triton-class interceptor

Alien Docking Platform

The Docking Platform is designed for repair and logistic support to heavy warships. Along with this building, one battleship will be provi ... Read more »

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This is new alien units which are already available in the game:


Alien Berserk is designed for breakthrough in battle. It is armed with a powerful impulse generator, four glowing blades and able to move around on land and on the seabed. Berserks are effective in the fight against infantry and armored vehicles but are useless against enemy aircraft.


This class of anti-air combat droids is designed for long range attack by launching multiple guided missiles.

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 This is 3 new heavily armored units that I made for humans faction: Tank-drone, Artillery MLRS system and Anti-aircraft defensive system. They are all based on amphibious undercarriage but have very different characteristics and combat assignments.

Tank Drone

 Tank Drone is an unmanned, heavily armored fighting vehicle with tracks and a rail cannon that is designed for front-line combat. Tanks are mobile land weapon platforms, mounting a large-calibre cannon in a rotating gun turret. They combine this with heavy vehicle armor, and operational mobility. This unit is effective against large armored targets but not effective against infantry, due to the low rate of its cannon.

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New building: Charging Station

WARSHIFT - Charging Station

Charging Station used to recover energy level in the Avatar's batteries by forcing directed energy beam current through it. Since it does not require any physical contact, it may be useful to charge Combat Avatars right on the battlefield.
Note: Charging Station doesn’t work if enemies are too close.

Alien analogue:

WARSHIFT - Alien Recharger

Allies Avatars in Skirmish mode

Lately I received many requests for allies AI Avatars in the skirmish mode.
Now you can add to your team 1-2 Combat Avatars which will be completely driven by AI.

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 I worked very hard to deliver this update and provide you with some snow in the game during this Winter Holidays: This is a new game map on which I'm currently working. This large spacious game level has a lot of flat surfaces for base development and battles. It is not completely finished yet, it is just a test of winter environment. But you already can feel its frozen atmosphere. Hope you will enjoy it!

Warshift screenshot, aliens on the new map winter, storm, new game level. 1920x1080

Warshift screenshot HD, New map winterstorm, 1920, 1080

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This is prototype of new combat avatar on which I'm working now: T-Raptor is the most universal heavy assault drone that has the most diverse set of abilities and weapons. The main purpose of T-Raptor is to act on the ground. However, it also may effectively fight in the air and even underwater, but not for long time. Its energy weapon consumes a lot of energy, but T-Raptor can use a melee weapons in close fight if level of energy is low.

WARSHIFT transformer, unit

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