Work of the PayPal store is temporarily paused. Sales on PayPal of the game will be resumed after release first stage of the game.
Before this, access to the store allowed only for registered members with Funders account.

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This is probably the last update in 2013, so I want to wish you a Happy Holidays and show some new game objects:
Here is alien base-class structure (biggest structure in this game).

In game this structure will produce all alien heroes-class units and serves as a mobile command center for alien faction. As well as the base of earthlings, this structure is able to fly and has some organic transformation stages where it performs different functions.
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Hi Friends! 
Despite the fact that I'm focused on the Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns, I have some progress in the development process also. So, let's take a look at my latest work on the main menu and on system of change quality settings on-fly. 

Here is video demonstration: 
Here is some screenshots:
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Basic artificial intelligence for computer-controlled units are already created.
AI already was successfully tested on main soldier-class units - Gepublican Guards.
But there is still much work to test and refine it.
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I'm finished the work on the main soundtrack theme for our game.

To listen to more music, visit our [ Soundtracks page ]
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Basic script for control heavy vehicles such as a car with a tower already done.
It is now being tested with the built-in (Nvidia Physx) for wheels collider physics.
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This is work in progress of some concept art for our project.
As always critique, advices and comments are welcome!
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