This helpful video I made while testing of T-Raptor, in order to clarify its combat tactics and some aspects of the general strategy gameplay. This short let’s play shows some HINTS: how new combat avatar can win match without a lot of units or buildings, but using an interesting tactics and stratagem: changing position of the base for better logistics. Because military logistics playing one of the main roles in this game. This quick gameplay mostly focused on T-Raptor, Dreadnought and aircraft usage. (Please turn on annotations to see all TIPS and HINTS!) Next gameplay videos will be focused on ground armies, unique buildings, orbital strikes and other different strategies. Subscribe to official WARSHIFT Youtube channel to be up to date all with offic ... Read more »

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 This is prototype of new combat avatar on which I'm working now: ‘T-Raptor’ heavy assault drone is the most universal unit in WARSHIFT that has the most diverse set of abilities and weapons (energy, artillery, rocket and even melee). It will be available in the game soon, after following update.

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V 1.38 Co-Op Mode [Playable prototype]
Lately I received so many requests for Co-Op mode from people. With this in mind I decided to start developing it. And I'm already implemented in the game a playable prototype of Co-Op mode!
It currently supports 3 players per team:
- Server become a Commander who can control the base development and troops, and also he can control its own Avatar.
- Other players become a Combat avatars. They can control only their Avatars.
- On the enemy side can be 1 AI Commander and 1-3 AI Combat avatars. You can flexible setup quantity and type of enemy Avatars and other match settings.
Multiple Enemy Avatars in Skirmish Mode
In the single player skirmish mode you also can add to the enemy team 1-3 AI Combat avatars. And some campaign missions now has addition ... Read more »

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GAMEPAD CONTROLS (Based on controller Xbox 360 Wired)

Note, that currently only Action mode supports controller. Supports for other modes is still in development.


Scanning Platform is an airborn ... Read more »

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The new trailer that show the game development progress and sums up my work for recent years.


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I'm started new section for Tutorials, Video guides, Game Tips, Help

 Warshift keyboard shortcuts, controls, key mapping

Warshift Tutorials, Video guides, Game Help, gameplay Tips

Keyboard shortcuts


... Read more »

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- New visual design for alien units and structures

- Node-system for alien units. Now all alien units in the squad are interconnected by energy rays for the exchange of energy and regeneration.

- 19 video tutorials. In the standalone version they are built-in, so that can be played directly in the game + load screens with key-mapping.

- Video briefings with short cinematic cut scenes before each mission.

- New GUI style.

- Gameplay difficulty level settings: Easy, Normal, Hard.

- Improved translation: English, Ukrainian, Russian.

- New mid-range class unit for alien faction - Tesloid

- Now Volcanic giant growing its ... Read more »

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WARSHIFT Alien Plasma Tower, Defensive Tower

 New style of Alien Buildings. The plasma tower is designed to protect alien structures and a territory from enemy attacks, with a powerful particle accelerator located under the protection of armored exoskeleton. This structure must be constructed in the zone where the rays from the energy source are active and is connected to one of its aggregates. The towers located next to one other are connected by underground passages convert into a single defensive system – the Bastion.

List of all Alien structures

List ... Read more »

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New visual style for Alien structures. The Droids Factory automatically delivers few close-fight droids to the front every 60 seconds. The artificial intelligence itself will send them over the optimal route to the destination to find and destroy the enemy. The Commander has to select how many troops will be delivered. But don’t forget that the production requires inputs of resources. An exit from this structure must be located in an open area for easy access by units.

List of all Humans structures

... Read more »

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