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First off, this game really reminds me of an old obscure ps2 game I had a while back called Battle Engine Aquilla. Second, this game is good, its shaping up to be fun, but its not going to be for everyone. There is a learning cliff, you either learn to climb fast or you will hate the game. I would dare say more people would dislike it than like it. But overall I have enjoyed it. The game was worth the price.

Its like taking a moba and layering a very primitive rts with building construction on top.

WARSHIFT Reviews | Views: 1852 | Date: 18.12.2015

I think there is a great game here if only it was'nt so difficult,I personaly would like the easy mode to be what it says easy so we could learn how to play and enjoy what seems to be the makings of a GREAT game.if Dev is reading these posts can we have a save game option please thx.

WARSHIFT Reviews | Views: 1838 | Date: 20.11.2015

WARSHIFT Video Review, Let's Play From Cap'n Kibs

WARSHIFT Reviews | Views: 1681 | Date: 07.11.2015

Video Review From

WARSHIFT Reviews | Views: 1511 | Date: 27.10.2015

WARSHIFT Not bad... Need more development. 6.5/10
2.Nice graphic
3.Interesting unit
5.You can install weapon or ability on unit.

1.Hard control
2.Map... map need more unit.
4.buggy : unit stuck in the rock.
6.Need more map.
7.Need more unit.



WARSHIFT Reviews | Views: 1608 | Date: 26.10.2015

WARSHIFT Video Review, Let's Play From IVATOPIA:

This is a very unique game in fact you might actually overlook a few functions if you don't take a very quick look at the tutorial videos the Dev (who has built this game so far on his own) put up but that won't take that long. And before you know it you are having fun by using the RTS game play or maybe the 3rd person action game play with a hint of first person thrown in there or even the DOTA game play created by building a few buildings that every 60 seconds send troops of to your enemy base or in this case a Ark.


WARSHIFT Reviews | Views: 1954 | Date: 05.09.2015

Warshift is a cool blend between a shooter and real-time strategy game.

The game doesn't have much depth in AI units. For example, you can't build a tonne of different types of units and upgrading them multiple times like in other strategy games. However, the game makes up for that with the ability to directly control one of your units. You can choose between a handful of units to control, which all play differently. These units have unique weapons, and have different abilities. These controllable units can also be upgraded.

WARSHIFT Reviews | Views: 1717 | Date: 02.09.2015

I'm trying the WARSHIFT game now on early access and I'm impressed how can one person produce all this.
The art is very well done, the flow of the game is very good, the missions are quite challenging and I love the mechanics.
Can't wait to play the whole thing.

This guy deserved my money and I'm happy doing so!

WARSHIFT Reviews | Views: 1428 | Date: 18.08.2015

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