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WARSHIFT Video Review, Let's Play From MrWoodenSheep

Warshift is a cool blend between a shooter and real-time strategy game.

The game doesn't have much depth in AI units. For example, you can't build a tonne of different types of units and upgrading them multiple times like in other strategy games. However, the game makes up for that with the ability to directly control one of your units. You can choose between a handful of units to control, which all play differently. These units have unique weapons, and have different abilities. These controllable units can also be upgraded.

The maps are pretty cool, with a decent variety. You also have the ability to customize all sorts of traits such as the weather, and where everyones units spawn on the map in a skirmish mode.

There's also a campaign which gives you a set battlefield depending on what mission you choose, and certain objectives to complete.

It's a nice breath of fresh air to the strategy genre that I personally feel has become a bit stale over time. This isn't the most amazing, innovative strategy game, but it's decent fun and worth a look!


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