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WARSHIFT Video Review, Let's Play From IVATOPIA

This is a very unique game in fact you might actually overlook a few functions if you don't take a very quick look at the tutorial videos the Dev (who has built this game so far on his own) put up but that won't take that long. And before you know it you are having fun by using the RTS game play or maybe the 3rd person action game play with a hint of first person thrown in there or even the DOTA game play created by building a few buildings that every 60 seconds send troops of to your enemy base or in this case a Ark.

Pros -

Great Graphics
Fun game play
3rd person action (hint of first person by holding the right mouse button down)
DOTA game play mixed in there
story (looks to be building a good story but for know is tolled by video briefings)
Space battles (on one map)
Well designed and beautiful looking maps
Lan Mode

Cons -

only 4 maps all together (1 of the maps is space combat only needs more maps)
takes a little to get use to all the ideas fussed together (small learning curve if your willing to look at what's different etc)
Lan only Muit-player (have to sue a program like Hamachi (needs to be user friendly)
Early access (So not finished so a lot can change, hopeful for the better)
The voice acting (or lack of it is a computer voice speaking machine, you know you type and it speaks type of thing, for know is fine but I hope the time it is realised in full we would have at least one voice actor to replace the current version).

Any way I think the game is worth the price on what we are getting but here is some more information on a video I have created below if you like to take a look

Here -

And here is a let's play I started with the game first episode uses build – V1.31

Here -

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