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WARSHIFT Video Review, Let's Play From Cap'n Kibs

Finally an Action RTS that only took like most of my life! This game while still a work in progress already has an insane amount of potential, for those unfamiliar with the concept of gameplay. It is an Action RTS which means you can go down on the battlefied and fight as a tank/soldier/plane/spaceshitp (in the current version only one vehicle playable per faction) You can also build bases command units and seemlessly swap between the two. While the execution is very different from games like "Battle Zone" or "Sacrifice" the ability to lead your troops and fight a long side them is unfortunately rare. The is visaully stunning, animations are fluid and believable. Sound track/ sound deign is very good. Has a campaign and skirmish mode. They are working to bring servers online for the multiplayer, for now its LogMeinHamachi for me (Port forwarding) My only beef with this game thus far is the Space Battles are a bit unrealistic as far as Asteriod movements and planet Rotation speeds are concerned. I highly recommend you keep close tabs on this one!

30 Minutes or Less, just because you lose doesn't mean you can't have fun. You just aren't happy that you lost..

Thanks for reading my review, I really want WarShift to succeed its a concept of game thats ambitious but from what I have played thus far, I think they can pull it off!

Category: WARSHIFT Reviews | (07.11.2015) | Author: Cap'n Kibs
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