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WARSHIFT New combat avatar: T-Raptor

This is prototype of new combat avatar on which I'm working now: T-Raptor is the most universal heavy assault drone that has the most diverse set of abilities and weapons. The main purpose of T-Raptor is to act on the ground. However, it also may effectively fight in the air and even underwater, but not for long time. Its energy weapon consumes a lot of energy, but T-Raptor can use a melee weapons in close fight if level of energy is low.

WARSHIFT transformer, unit

Warshift T-Radtor tyrannosaur T-Rex

How will the T-Raptor play different from the Corsair? Corsair has only long range weapons so it was almost useless in close fight. But T-Raptor has in addition 2 kind of melee attacks + directed-energy weapon. For easier action in melee it has little different controls (especially turns & strafe) and appropriate set of animations. So, it is more universal combat avatar.

Currently, it is still in progress under the playable prototype stage. It is temporary unbalanced and may have some bugs, because I'm just recently finished work on T-Raptors artistic component. Check official development thread to see the process of creation:

Let me know if you have any ideas regarding T-Raptors weapons or abilities!

Other updates:

- Now you can start creating Units, Buildings and Airstrikes in one click on the unit’s icon.

- Changing camera position: you can choose position between 3 points using mouse wheel (currently available only for T-Raptor and Corsair). Zoom/Sight via right mouse button is available as well.

- Fixed error of missiles aiming

- Balance changes

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