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New buildings, AI allies, New multiplayer interface

New building: Charging Station

WARSHIFT - Charging Station

Charging Station used to recover energy level in the Avatar's batteries by forcing directed energy beam current through it. Since it does not require any physical contact, it may be useful to charge Combat Avatars right on the battlefield.
Note: Charging Station doesn’t work if enemies are too close.

Alien analogue:

WARSHIFT - Alien Recharger

Allies Avatars in Skirmish mode

Lately I received many requests for allies AI Avatars in the skirmish mode.
Now you can add to your team 1-2 Combat Avatars which will be completely driven by AI.

New multiplayer interface

Is no longer necessary to connect using the IP address. You can easily join to existing matches (if available) in one click. Or create your own PvP or CoOp game and make it private using password.
Legacy LAN game is still available if you prefer manual connection.

Thanks for playing and have fun!

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