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WARSHIFT Alien Plasma Tower, Defensive Tower

 New style of Alien Buildings. The plasma tower is designed to protect alien structures and a territory from enemy attacks, with a powerful particle accelerator located under the protection of armored exoskeleton. This structure must be constructed in the zone where the rays from the energy source are active and is connected to one of its aggregates. The towers located next to one other are connected by underground passages convert into a single defensive system – the Bastion.

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New visual style for Alien structures. The Droids Factory automatically delivers few close-fight droids to the front every 60 seconds. The artificial intelligence itself will send them over the optimal route to the destination to find and destroy the enemy. The Commander has to select how many troops will be delivered. But don’t forget that the production requires inputs of resources. An exit from this structure must be located in an open area for easy access by units.

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New visual style of Alien structures. Each Resource Extractor of this type may produce up to 10 tons of natural resources per day, which can be used for the construction of combat droids and buildings, as well as for repair. The Extractor is to be built right on the cluster of natural resources. As this building doesn’t have its own defensive weapons, it is recommended to create a defensive tower near to each Extractor.

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