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New Oceanic Level, Underwater, HUD's

Here is gameplay video that show a new level for skirmish mode and single player missions:

  Usually 3D water is a big trouble for game developers, but I was especially pleased working on it, because I have not been on holiday so long :)

 Here are implemented some elements of the underwater gameplay and navigation of Dreadnoughts (Carriers). Each character uses this environment in its own way. Characters of the human faction moves mainly on and over the water surface, sometimes diving for a short time. Characters of alien faction opposite moves mainly under water on the ocean floor, but they can float for a short time. That is useful for diversion operations, covert movement and gives more freedom of movement for the player. But the main battles and construction of bases still occurs on the surface of the island.

 At this level located several landing zones for Dreadnoughts (Carriers). When Dreadnought is located on it, it can produce new units and buildings, as well as receive resources from the mines. In flight mode, it can not do any of this, but, still, can dock and repair your character and make air strikes. Maybe in the future I will add a few additional islands with new landing zones and resources at this level. And I hope that at future I will get funding to add here some fishes and sea monsters.

 Barracks and Factories now produce basic military units in the automatic mode and automatically send them to the enemy base. You only need to set the number of units production, enable AI control and monitor the expenditure of resources. But you can still manually order and produce basic and extended units aboard the Dreadnought (Carrier).

 Also, all characters were equipped with digital HUD, (such as is used in most flight simulators) that include following elements:

- Digital emulator of gyroscopic horizon

- Compass and measure of the angle of deflection relative to North

- Height above sea level

- Speedometer and indicator of transformation status

- Sight and automatic pointer for homing weapons

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