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NODE-based Strategy Gameplay
New gameplay video:
 Usually, gameplay of most of strategy games based on few resources and workers. My strategy gameplay is NODE-based and flexible linked with Action and RPG gameplays.
 Energy Sources is a portable stellar energy absorber also known as "Stellar Candle" or “Smart Sphere”. It was researched by an unknown alien civilization that disappeared thousands years ago but left his legacy on many planets. Humans first discovered this object among the fragments of a meteorite "Destiny" that fell to the Earth in 2030 and learned how to use this technology. Aliens did the same during their invasion to the colonial planets.
 When Energy Source is activated it is able to absorb the radiation of the stars and create powerful energy beams that can be used to supply structures, moving objects and even for teleportation. Each Energy Source has 3 NODES to connect buildings. Also Energy Sources can be interconnected with each other and forming a network to expand the territory of the base. After activation, they drift in the air at a low altitude that would not create obstacles to the ground units, and equipped with powerful energy shields, that would not need to care about their safety.
Process of buildings and units construction
 Firstly all the buildings and troops are created aboard of your Carrier (base).  To make order, your Carrier should contain enough resources that constantly extracting on your mines and your Commander (Hero-character) must have enough money and experience that he gets in battles. When building is created, your Hero must go to the selected Energy Source and activate it. Now you can place your building to the ground using energy beams and it will be automatically connected to one of the available nodes of Energy Source.
 Mines should be placed directly on the location of resources. But before that, your Hero must capture resource location by deactivating the protective energy shield.
 To create troops, you have to order one or more units on your Carrier. Each unit has certain requirements: resources, money, experience level of your Commander.
 Also you can call powerful artillery and air strikes. For alien faction this function is performed by natural disasters.To do this, you need to call an artillery strike on your Carrier and mark the place on the ground in strategic mode.
How it linked with Action and RPG gameplay.
 To unlock new units and buildings your Commander (Hero-class character) must evolve, gaining experience in battle. Commander should earn a lot of money by killing the enemy, to build large army and call powerful air strikes. Hero must manually activate the Energy Sources and resources, sometimes grabbing them from the enemy, that would expand the territory of your base. If you want become a successful Commander, your Hero should be a good warrior.
Some concept visions for future stages:
 Perhaps in the case of destruction of the Energy Source all connected to it buildings will explode. But only the Hero-class units will be able to destroy Energy Sources.
 Maybe we will be able to construct flying platforms with buildings around Energy Sources and to make strategy gameplay more 3d. That would be great for "Station Epsylon" stage.
 If you destroy the first sphere, all of the connected spheres and buildings will fall like a card house :)
 Perhaps Energy Sources will be movable and has portals for Heroes..
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