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V1.2 Features. New super-heavy unit “Dreadnought”, alien artillery, and many more.

New super-heavy unit “Dreadnought”.

 I've always been inspired by huge steel monsters from WWI/WWII and wanted implement something like that in my game so long. So it's time to test a really big guns!

 Heavy orbital/atmospheric battleship “Dreadnought” was designed for bombardment of the planet’s surface and assault operations. This unit can be controlled only in strategy mode and its management is much more difficult than management of other units for several reasons:

- Battleship has limited ammo for weapons that need to be replenished in the Docking Platform.

- Battleship does not pursue the enemy automatically. Its course should be set manually.

- Coordinates of missile and artillery strikes should be set manually.

- Long range weapons can't shoot at too close range. So, after receiving the order battleship takes time to reach a firing position and targeting.

- Battleship cannot function without a Docking Platform and it will fall if linked platform will be destroyed.

Weapon specifications:

- x12 Ballistic rockets “Typhoon” with thermobaric warheads. This is powerful long range but not a very persistent weapon. This weapon applies only in the bombarding mode. Coordinates for strike must be set in advance.

- x6 300mm Rail cannons based on 2 towers (ammo: 60 shells). This powerful mid range weapon automatically focuses only on the enemy at buildings, ARK or battleships. It is too unwieldy to hit small or moving units. But it can be used in artillery mode against a large concentration of enemy troops or fixed units.

- x2 Anti-air systems “Solpuga” (Rocket launcher + x2 6-barrels coilguns). This defensive weapon (automatic turrets) destroys enemy units at close range.

- x1 Interceptor on helipad (CAS Fighter/Gladiator). Interceptor can be started and used for reconnaissance and guidance of ranged weapon of battleship, as well as for protection from enemy aircraft.

 In this version of the game each team can build only one battleship in skirmish mode. But there are few battleships in some campaign missions.


New structure - “Docking platform”.

 Docking Platform used for logistic support, and repair for heavy battleships. Battleship and Docking platform is a united system. Battleship cannot function without a Docking Platform. If this building will be destroyed, you will lose the linked battleship as well. Battleship is a powerful combat unit that can change the tide of battle. But this is its "Achilles' heel".

 After the construction of this structure one "Dreadnought" will be delivered automatically. If battleship was destroyed you can order next one manually in Docking Platform.

 In this version of the game Docking Platform will be available right away, but at future it will be available only when your Hero reach level 3. In this version each team can build only one Docking Platform in skirmish mode. But there are few platforms in some campaign missions.


New artillery-class unit for alien faction - “Trident”.

Alien organic droid "Trident" can attack building and enemy troops by launching balls of hot plasma on very long ranges. But accuracy of its attacks is low. This droid is effective only against grounded static enemies like buildings or against huge units like ARKs, battleships or large enemy squads.

 Note that "Trident" can’t find enemies independently and defend themselves. The commander must set the coordinates for artillery strike manually.

New class of weapons for artillery-class units – Ballistic missiles.



- New rocks, new ground textures, new foliage textures.

- New post processing and visual effects.



- Demonstration of path for units when you choose place for automated factories-class structures.

- Showing full navigation path with all corners when you set moving destination for selected units.

- Navigation grid for space sector.

- New buttons for more precise control of your units:

- Improved Camera control for flying Heroes: “Gladiator” and “Corsair”.

- New options: Invert mouse axis.

- New options: Rotating speed and distance to anchor for Strategy Camera.

- Separated button: “Select Hero” and “Find selected unit”.

- More detailed TIPS in-game.



- Now ARKs (assault ships) can repair damaged buildings and towers. But note that ARK can’t collect resources and produce anything except air units on flight.

- Heroes get increased level of energy on start but energy recharging now gone slower. Weapon shots now required more energy.

- Increased range and quantity of ammo for some weapons.

- Repair of Hero in the ARK now costs depending on the level of damage.

- NODE-based gameplay: If Energy Source already captured by your team (at least one your structure are connected to it), no necessary to activate it again.



- Earlier, the AI logic causes some difficulties and units was disobedient. Brand new AI behavior makes it possible to adjust the effect of AI from freedom of action to your TOTAL CONTROL. Now units will not change their course until they reach the destination that you choose, even if they are attacked by enemies. But they will defend themselves even in motion, if possible. When the destination is reached units will choose their battle tactics independently. Unlike other RTS games (where the units stand like statues) my heroes will retreat while reloading or if the enemy is too close. Close fight units will try to constantly move and strafe to bring down the sight of the enemy. But you can disable that using "Defensive Mode" if you want to unit standing in one point like tower. But note that long ranged units can’t shoot at close range. In this case they may be defenseless against close fight enemies. Also you can disable “Auto Attack” mode, then units will not respond to the approaching enemies. But you still can choose target manually via right mouse button click on it. In “Artillery Mode” unit will attack chosen point on the ground. But note that if distance to target is too small or too big, unit will retreat to the firing position first.

- Homing missiles now have the chance of a miss.

- New navigation method for all air units that are more accurate for their obstacle avoidance logic. This new method has greatly increased the speed of the air units for a more dynamic gameplay. Now fighters and bombers have become a serious weapon that can avoid anti-air missiles.

- Improved pathfinding for grounded units. Way around large dynamic obstacles now calculated in advance.

- In addition to air squads, Alien faction now builds artillery squads and target it to enemy buildings.



- Now hero-class unit “Arkar” get stealth mode + fast movement. But note that: Stealth mode must be activated prior to your contact with the enemy. Otherwise enemies will remember you and continue attacks. If you attack first, stealth mode will be automatically deactivated. So use it only for well planned diversion operations.



- Mission 0: Humans faction get additional 2 Dreadnoughts and 4 Gladiators on start.

- Mission 1: Alien faction get 2 additional Tritons on start.

- Mission 2: Humans faction get additional 4 CAS Fighters and 2 Tactical Bombers on start.

- Mission 4: Fallen “Dreadnaught” added for decoration.

- Mission 10: Humans faction get additional 2 Dreadnoughts and 2 Docking Platforms on start. Alien faction get 2 additional Tritons on start.



- Dialog menu to change resolution and other preferences on start.


And many more..

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