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WARSHIFT single player campaign overview: Mission 10 – Final Battle

Final Battle


1. Build powerful army and destroy the enemy’s ARK and its troops.

2. Build defensive constructions to protect your Base.

TIPS: Use the Dreadnoughts in the artillery mode to attack the enemy’s defensive towers.

Use aviation and orbital strikes to bombarding large enemy’s troops.



 CAUTION, the enemy is ready to counterattack! The aliens pull together all the forces in the sector ”Admiral's Canyon”. Get ready for a decisive battle for the planet “Enigma”. Anyone who is able to keep control of this sector will receive the key to the whole planet. In this battle, you will have access to all the power of our army. If you will be able to return this planet back under control of our great Republic, people will never forget your great feat! Good luck, Commander! The entire population of the Republic is watching this battle!


- Be prepared for a decisive battle, Commander! Our main forces are arriving in the sector “Admiral's Canyon”.

- The enemy has concentrated its powerful grouping of troops and a lot of defensive structures in this sector.

- You have already received all the necessary military experience in the previous missions. Now, show what you can do!


Combat avatar: Corsair – heavy combat drone

Gameplay type: Classic

Starting state: Bastion + 2 Dreadnoughts

Logistic & supply: Everything

Weather: Sunny day


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