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WARSHIFT single player campaign overview: Mission 7 – Bastion Assault

MISSION 7 – Bastion Assault


1. Build powerful army and destroy the enemy’s ARK and its troops.

2. Destroy the damaged enemy Dreadnought.

TIPS: Use the Dreadnoughts in the artillery mode to attack the enemy’s defensive towers.

Use aviation and orbital strikes to bombarding large enemy’s troops.



 Greetings, Commander! Thanks to the received resources, we have restored the fighting capacity of the army and sent reinforcements for you. But, our reconnaissance has just been reported on a large concentration of the enemy units on the other side of the defensive bastion. By all means, you must keep the bastion and immediately launch a counter-offensive. Also, we found the dreadnought captured by traitor, by which they tried to escape. Our fighters were able to cause serious damage to the enemy dreadnought. Its engines are damaged, and the main weapons are out of order, but it still can be dangerous. Your second priority task is to destroy it. Do not forget that our fleet has a long and idle drifting over the sector. Give these guys an opportunity to improve their bombing skills - use orbital strikes!


- Greetings, Commander! Thanks to the resources, we have restored the fighting capacity of the army and sent reinforcements for you.

- But our reconnaissance reports on preparations of a powerful enemy attack on our positions.


- TIP: Build automated factories that will automatically supply the front with several units every 60 seconds.

- You can arbitrarily change a number of units produced by them, but do not forget to take the consumption of resources into account.

- In this mission you can order one Dreadnought. First, build DOCK for that.

- First Dreadnought will be delivered automatically. If Dreadnought will be destroyed, you can order next one in the DOCK.

- TIP: Use it in the BOMBARDMENT MODE to strike large amount of enemy troops.

- TIP: Use the Dreadnoughts in the ARTILLERY MODE to attack the enemy’s defensive towers.

NOTE: You must specify the coordinates for the strike manually. Therefore, the use of artillery against moving targets - is not effective!

- Dreadnought has limited ammunition for all of its weapons. So, sometimes you will need to send it to the DOCK for repair and reloading weapons.

- TIP: Use bomber-drones against enemy buildings. Remember that you must specify the coordinates for the bombing to them manually.

- Also our aircraft found the dreadnought of the traitors who tried to escape and launched airstrike on it. Your secondary objective is to destroy it.


Combat avatar: Corsair – heavy combat drone

Gameplay type: Classic

Starting state: Bastion

Logistic & supply: Everything

Weather: Sunny day


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