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 Atroids are an aggressive non-material form of life from the parallel world that has gone into our universe through the hypothetical “Gates of Chaos”. They were forced to clothe their energy nucleuses in the strong physical shells (exoskeletons), as they needed to have impact on the environment in our world. As a result, they created an army of alien droids which are capable to fight in any environment and at any temperature. They have powerful energy weapons and amazing capabilities. Their troops are the enclaves in which all units are interconnected by energy flows emanating from their nuclei. This allows them to exchange energy and regenerate. Their exoskeletons may be destroyed, but their energy nuclei are immortal. After the destruction of the droids physical shells, their “souls” revive soon in shells of new droids. Due to that, they are continuously evolving, using the experience gained in the battles. For tactical control of their enclaves, Atroids choose the most powerful Lords of their race. All other droids in the enclave are reproduced from them. If exoskeleton of one of the Lords is destroyed during the battle, Atroids immediately reproduce its exact copy in special spaceships - the ARKs. Analyzing their damages, they are continuously improving their physical shells and super capacities. This may continue indefinitely until all of the ARKs of the aliens are destroyed.

There is a hypothetical theory which tells the alien invasion can be stopped by destroying “The Gates of Chaos”. But no one knows whether this is true or fiction of the scientists, and people continue to struggle unsuccessfully with them by military means..

Alien Faction


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