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WARSHIFT Humans Faction Overview


 In 2062, the colonial planet “Enigma” was invaded by an aggressive alien race. The fortifications of the planetary defense line turned out to be not effective against the powerful energy weapon used by the aliens. Soon, the biosphere of the planet felt the destructive power of their deadly attack, and a half of its surface turned into a lifeless desert. The miner colony garrison that was made up of volunteer soldiers suffered huge losses and was urgently evacuated. All resource extraction works on the planet were suspended, and corporations began to bear huge losses. But, after numerous antiwar protests, the government of the Colonial Republic did not want to risk human lives, and scientists had to create an entirely new army of intergalactic operations. The republican fleet and the assault battalion “Delta”, consisting of cyber-guards, heavy machinery and robotic drones-transformers was sent to the planet. The Commanders who have telepathic skills control that steel armada while being aboard the ARKS. For the purpose of their own safety, they are forbidden to leave the ARK. However, they can be directly involved in battles as operators of combat avatars (unmanned combat robotic vehicle).

If any combat avatar gets a critical damage, it will be immediately evacuated and, after a quick repair, again will be sent to the battlefield. But, if the aliens are still able to destroy all the ARKS, the Colonial Republic will lose control of the planet forever.

WARSHIFT screenshot - Dreadnought, firing cannons battleship, combat drone firing minigun

WARSHIFT Cyber Guardian - The armored combat cyborg which was created to replace the live Republican Guard soldiers in highly dangerous intergalactic missions.


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