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WARSHIFT Official tutorial: ARK movement, Repair structures, Video guide


 Select ARK (assault carrier) and press ‘AIR MODE’ button to take off.

Select ARK and ‘Right Click’ on the location where you want to move it.

ARK can land only in a special places - Landing Zones.

When ARK reaches the ‘Landing Zone’  press ‘GROUN MODE’ button to land it.

Note that your team collects the resources from drilling platforms only when the ARK is in the ground mode.



 ‘Right Click’ on any your structure to repair it.



 Select ARK and press ‘ORBITAL STRIKES’ button, or select appropriate bookmark.

Select chosen orbital strike, check the requirements, and press ‘ORDER’ button.

When order is completed, press ‘STRIKE’ button and set coordinates for orbital strike by ‘Left Click’.

Or ‘Right Click’ to cancel orbital strike.

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