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WARSHIFT Official tutorial: CORSAIR – Basic weapons usage video guide


 Use 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 buttons to select weapons. Use the Mouse to aim. Press LMB to FIRE. Press and hold LMB for multiple launch. Press MMB to reload weapon. Press RMB for zoom and aim.



Bombarding mode. Select thermobaric bombs and take off. FIRE!



 Select homing missiles system. This system automatically selects the nearest targets and directs missiles to it. Center the target in the circle, and wait until the target is locked. FIRE!



 For each destroyed enemy unit, you gain experience and money that can be spent on the purchase of weapons and troops and for improvements.

Any system of weapons can be purchased and installed aboard the ARK, if you have reached the required level and earned enough money in battles. (see the customization video guide to learn more about character customization)

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