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WARSHIFT Official tutorial: Creating buildings video guide


 All structures should be powered by ENERGY SOURCES. Each ENERGY SOURCE has only 3 nodes for compounds with structures.



 Select grounded ARK and press ‘BUILD STRUCTURES’ button. Or, select ‘BUILD STRUCTURES’ bookmark and choose type of structure. Now you can see list of available structures. Each structure has requirement for your level, price and resources costs.

 Check the requirements and press 'ORDER' to start production process.

While the building is under construction, you have to activate the Energy Source that you will use for the new energy supply structure. Just move closer to it.

 When construction is completed, select appropriate bookmark and press ‘BUILD’ to start delivery process.

Set location on the flat ground surface in range of the ENERGY SOURCE beam.

Press and hold ‘Left Mouse Button’ and drag mouse to rotate structure.

Release ‘Left Mouse Button’ to start delivery process.

NOTE: You should always activate the idling Energy Source before connecting them to the new building. But if the energy source is already connected your building, you do not need to re-activate it.

‘Right Click’ to cancel delivery process if you want.



 You should build the Resource Extractors directly on the pit to start resource extraction.

Note that your team gets resources from resource extractors or drilling platforms only if the ARK is in the ground mode.



 If you are building an AUTOMATED FACTORY, you can see the spawn point and path that has been automatically generated for units, including the landscape and obstacles. You should always take this into account when choosing a location for the new FACTORY.


If you want expand your territory you can build addition Energy Sources.

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