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WARSHIFT Official tutorial: LAN Multiplayer Setup


First, make sure that your firewall/antivirus not blocking network functions of the game. Also, you should open the game port (25565) on your router.



Select MULTIPLAYER in the Main Menu.

Press ‘Create Game’ to start setting up a server.

Enter the game name.

 Set who can join the game:

1. Private game - only users from your network.

2. Public game - everyone.

 You should tell your IP to other players, so that they could join to your server:

1. Use private IP for private game.

2. Use public IP for public game.

 Set-up the game’s pot. The game’s port is 25565 by default, but it can be changed. (You should open the game’s port on your router.)

Set players limit: from 2 to 6. (First 2 players will be connected as Commanders. Other players will be connected as Combat avatars)

Press ‘Create Game’.

Now you are connected as server. Then, you can configure the match while waiting for other players.



 If you are Client Player - press ‘Join Game From IP’ button.

Enter the Server’s IP. (Enter private server IP, if this is private game. Otherwise, enter public server’s IP.)

Press ‘Connect’ button.

Now you are connected to the game as Client.

You can see the name and status of the player, who joined this game.



Use Chat to send messages to all players, or only to members of your team.


Press "READY" to start game.  

NOTE: The match will begins only when the status of all players will be changed to "IS READY".


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