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WARSHIFT Official tutorial: Units combat orders, AI Behavior


 Select close fight units and ‘Right-click’ on the target to attack it.

Select long range units and ‘Right Click’ on the target to attack it.

NOTE: Long range units cannot attack in close fight, so they will retreat if the enemy is too close.

Press ‘STOP” button if you need cancel all previous orders.



 If AI enabled, Unit will automatically detect closest enemy and attack it. But if you set a specific target, it will be in priority for the attack, and other targets will be ignored.

 If you disable the AI, by pressing ‘AI’ button, unit will ignore all targets around. But you still can set specific target to attack it in highest priority.



 If ‘DEFENSIVE MODE’ enabled Unit will attack enemies motionless except in cases of the weapons recharging, or if the enemy is too close.



 Select units, enable ‘ARTILLERY MODE’ and ‘Right-click’ on the target or on the ground area where the enemy troops. Note that artillery units cannot attack enemy units independently. So, it is highly recommended to place some close fight units on the frontline to protect them.



 Select Drone-fighter and ‘Right-click’ on the area where concentrated enemy units. Drones-fighters can detect and attack enemy targets automatically. But you also can set a specific target that will be attacked in highest priority.



 Select Drone-bomber and ‘Right-click’ on the target to attack it. Drones-bombers cannot find and choose targets themselves, so the Commander must set the coordinates of the target directly in the


ARTILLERY MODE. Note that air units will constantly maneuver to reach the line of attack and avoid enemy air defense.

Press ‘STOP” button to cancel all previous orders.

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